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Avon Full Speed


Ficha técnica:

Louise Hass

Luca Bacchiocchi

Vivi Kano

Pharus Bright Design/2019


A quintessential moment is the prize

when I reach full speed.

When velocity stops time

and my being is fully alive and pulsing.

When racing against myself

is the most famous endurance race there is.

I’m driven by adrenaline.

I seek out for acceleration to live life

to the fullest with supreme liberty.

The end is just a detail.

I've crossed the line. There’s no going back.

What’s the next obstacle to overcome?


Test your limits.


Avon Full Speed.

Avon Full Speed

Content research, conceito e tagline

Uma das maiores marcas de perfume masculino da Avon, Full Speed passou por um profundo rebranding. O conceito, que antes colocava a máquina (carro, moto, etc) como centro da história, ficou mais humano: agora, o homem é o protagonista da própria adrenalina.  

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